Terms & Conditions


Animal welfare is my main concern. Many of the points below are designed to make sure the grooming process is not unpleasant for your pet and to safeguard both your your pet and those of other customers:​

  • All new customers need to complete a short questionnaire that describes the health of their pet and the style of grooming required. This may be updated as required with each visit.

    • It is important that you declare to the groomer (before work is started), any known medical conditions. Some conditions may cause the animal discomfort or distress when groomed, more importantly, could be worsened by the process. I will be happy to modify the grooming as far as possible or if more appropriate cancel the session to allow recovery before re-booking.

    • In addition, some conditions may be transmitted to other animals. If known about, I can perform additional cleaning to prevent this.         

  • Your pet will be assessed before grooming is started and you will be informed if any work is required in addition to what has been requested. Typically, this could be to remove significant matting or deal with unruly behaviour.

    • Occasionally, work such as de-fleaing, tick removal, etc. may be found after grooming has commenced. Where possible we will contact you to discuss the action to be taken​.

    • You know better than anyone that your pet has its own personality, how it behaves at home can be different to when it is away from you, in a strange environment and undergoing the grooming process. Some dogs love the attention but others are less than keen. In extreme circumstances I may not start the session or may have to stop the session to maintain the safety of staff and the dog. I will inform you about the problem as soon as possible.                           

  • Should your dog experience a medical incident whilst being groomed, I am Pet First Aid Trained and will do everything i can to treat the incident. I will contact the nearest vet (if appropriate) and will do everything I can to contact you.​

    • Costs associated with veterinary treatment may be ​passed on to the owner.                                                                                              

  • Owners should be aware that some dogs may show signs of skin irritation after grooming. This is most common where matts have been removed, and/or if the dog is new to being groomed.

    • I will do everything possible to prevent this, even to the point of stopping the grooming if the level of irritation is ​felt to be particularly bad. However, irritation may not be obvious until several hours after the grooming has been finished.


  • All grooming must be booked in advance - walk-ins are not permitted.    

  • Owners should make sure they are fully aware of (and are willing to pay) the agreed costs to perform the required grooming before leaving their pet. The grooming must be paid for upon collection.

    • Failure to pay may be dealt with by a debt collection agency.​ or small claims court.


  • For owners with more than one dog, I can often accommodate 2 small dogs at a time.                                                                                       

  • Owners are NOT allowed to stay with their pet whilst being groomed. It often unsettles the dog and prevents the grooming being completed to the required standard and/or within the allotted time.

    • I am not allowed to accommodate owners other than for drop-off or pick-ups of their dog.                                                                        

  • Owners must return to collect their dog at the agreed time but should be aware that sessions may over run. In this case, please let us know that you have arrived then wait in the parking area. We will come to get you as soon as the session is complete.

    • Late arrivals for collection may incur a charge, particularly if it impacts the next grooming session for another owner.

    • Please do everything you can to let us know if you believe you will be late so that we can try to offset the problem for following customers. 

    • Please be aware: We are not allowed to accommodate customer's dogs outside of our working hours and depending on the circumstances, dogs which are not collected may have to be passed to a rescue  centre or kennels.

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